Why Co-Ed and R-12?

Why Co-Ed?

St Francis de Sales is a co-educational College and our students enjoy the benefits of co-ed education, allowing them to learn how to deal with social issues that arise in mixed company, preparing them for when they enter the workforce and throughout life.

They learn to collaborate in groups more effectively, develop their self-confidence and mutual respect for the opposite gender and break down the stereotypes often associated with particular subjects of study.


Why R-12?

An R-12 College means your child’s learning occurs on one campus, with access to specialist teachers from Reception onward.

The friendships and family connections formed in the early years move through your child’s whole schooling, along with your connections with our staff.  These help make the transition smooth each year.

These connections are also visible in our mentoring and peer modelling programs, which help to provide greater pastoral care appropriate for your child’s age group.