Catholic Education South Australia

Vocational Education Training Pathways

Workplace Learning

Work Experience is an integral part of our VET program. It provides the opportunity for students to:

  • Experience their trade choice;
  • Develop skills for the workplace: and
  • Gain feedback from an employer about their general employability skills such as attitude, work ethic, punctuality, problem solving abilities, communication and teamwork skills.

Our experience has shown that a number of students have been offered School-based Apprenticeships by employers following successful Work Experience Placements.

Workplace Learning Dates

Term 1 Holidays     Monday 13 - Friday 23 April
Term 2 Holidays     Monday 6 - Friday 17 July
Term 3 Holidays     Monday 30 September - Friday 8 October
Term 4 Holidays     Monday 13 December - Monday 27 January 2021

Students who wish to undertake work experience during their time at school must demonstrate how the work experience placement relates to the school curriculum program. In order to apply for work experience, students must collect from Mrs Ward (U01 office), a Workplace Learning Information Pack, which includes:

The Workplace Learning Agreement Form must be completed and returned to Mrs Ward within a minimum of two weeks prior to the commencement of the placement. This is to ensure that the placement can be authorised and all mandated risk assessments are completed. If students are unable to meet this timeframe, the placement may not be able to be authorised.

If students experience difficulty in securing work placement during school holidays and can obtain alternative opportunities during the school term, please contact Mr Branden Hill or Mrs Rose Ward at the College for further information.

"Workplace Learning has given me a great opportunity to pursue my future career as a diesel mechanic. I really appreciate the help the teachers have given me, with a big thank you to Mr Branden Hill, Ms Melissa Schubert, Mrs Ros Mattner and Michelle Bloom. Without them I would not have gained my new School-Based Apprenticeship with Chapman Heavy Mechanical." Josh, Year 12