Rory's School Lunches

Rory's School LunchesRory’s School Lunches operates the canteen service at our College. Rory’s is an Adelaide-based catering and canteen management company that currently delivers lunch services to over 40 Adelaide schools.

Lunch orders

Rory’s School Lunches provides a pre-order menu as well as an over-the-counter food range. Full EFTPOS facilities are available.

Lunch can be pre-ordered at the canteen or by using the Qkr! app before 8:00am on the same day. Orders can also be placed two weeks in advance.

How to order online

Use the Qkr! App. The details on how to download and set up the app can be viewed via the below link. Their full range menu will be available to order on Qkr! and is a guaranteed way to receive the favourite lunch options as well as meeting dietary requirements.

View instructions on how to download and set up Qkr! App

Order via Qkr! Website

The menu

Rory’s team of chefs cook the traditional way. Taking advantage of fresh herbs and spices to boost flavour, food is delivered fresh daily, without the need to use preservatives to extend shelf life.

Great care is given to Rory's menu design to cater to many health and dietary requirements. They keep menus fresh and updated, keeping it exciting for students, encouraging them to try a different range of wholesome foods.

View the menu

Further information

Information on Rory’s School Lunches can be found at There is also a parent helpline available Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm on (08) 7084 1801.


What if I’m late ordering?

  • The cut-off for placing orders is 8:00am, because food is delivered fresh to the school daily. Any students who have a forgotten to place a lunch order by that time can go directly to the canteen to purchase from a limited menu.
  • The canteen operator will advise if the menu choice is available at the time of placing the order.
  • If the menu choice is not available, a substitute product will be offered as a second option.

Cancelling Orders

  • If, for some reason you need to cancel an order this can be done through the Qkr! app.
  • Click on the order day – it will show the order in the system.
  • Click on the product to discard, or discard the entire order.
  • As a bank transaction has already taken place, a credit will be received through the Qkr! app, but not a refund to your bank account.
  • On placing the next order, a credit will appear in the ‘checkout’ phase (eg a credit of $5, the next order is $7, therefore you will only pay $2).
  • Orders no longer required must be cancelled prior to 8:00am on that day. Food will not be credited after this time.