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2021 SACE Results Announced


We are delighted to announce the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) results of our Class of 2021.

Our congratulations to all students whose results reflect the very best outcome of which they were capable, as they have attained their own personal excellence, and there is no more that we can ask of ourselves than that.

Summary of our Year 12 SACE Results 2021

  • SACE completion was achieved by 100% of our 54 students, an outstanding achievement reflecting the commitment of our students and Year 12 staff who have guided them and facilitated their learning all year.
  • 6 students achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) in the 90s (top 10% of the state), with a further 7 in the 80s (top 20% of the state).
  • Our College Dux with an ATAR of 97.2 is Madeleine Lipscombe. Our congratulations to Madeleine on her outstanding achievements, which we look forward to presenting her with the St Scholastica College Dux shield at our Academic Assembly in February 2022.
  • Our next highest performing students in terms of ATARs were Amara Rourke (93.7), Neva van Raalte (91.9), Taylor Moffat (90.5), Kayla Riddle (90.45) and Kaitlyn Richards (90.35).
  • Significant levels of attainment have been achieved by students in Vocational Learning, including students attaining full completion of Certificate IIs and IIIs, contributing significantly for a number of students in the attainment of their SACE.
  • Stage 2 grades overall (including Year 11 Stage 2 RE results) were:

As   23.4%
Bs   39.4%
Cs   35.8%
Ds   1.4%
Es   0%

This represents a 98.6% achievement level at C- or better across all Stage 2 enrolments, with more than 60% of all enrolments resulted in the A or B bands.

Congratulations to all who have been a part of supporting this group of graduates in their learning and wellbeing to enable them to achieve this fine set of outcomes, and thank you to our families for working in partnership with us.

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