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Finalist in the SAETA Young Writers Award


Finalist in the SAETA Young Writers Award for 2020: Madison Violi, Year 12

Madison was initially short listed to the top 10 entries for the state in the creative writing category for Year 12 in this year's Young Writers Award. Only three of those 10 would be announced as finalists. Madison has since received confirmation that her story, Everything is Beautiful, Except Me has placed her amongst the top three. She has been invited to attend the official awards ceremony at Wilderness College on 21 August, where the outright winner winner will be announced.

An incredible achievement and very much deserved.
An extract from Everything is Beautiful, Except Me:
I was breathless by the time unique fingerprints from Paris tapped soft melodies against the glass, sunlight falling behind the concrete giants above. The soft embrace of my cushioned podium has become suffocating. I feel as futile as the dust colonized on the storefront window, staring hopelessly at the billboards surrounding 5th Avenue. Another night spent waiting for The One, who will break the spell cast by the hands of my creator. How can someone designed to embody devotion instead deter every approaching heartbeat?