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Students attend Global Climate Strike


We were proud to be part of the largest ever Global Climate Strike held on Friday 20 September, with four of our students attending the march. Below is a reflection written by Year 10 student, Neva.

Global Climate Strike Reflection by Neva

As the younger generation, decisions about what our future will look like are made by the older generation; whom we trust will make the best decisions because they are older, more experienced and educated. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not the case; such as when our political leaders neglect the fact that the relationship between humans and the Earth is toxic.

Last Friday, 20 September, Aaron, Sophie, Ashlea, Mr Farrugia and myself travelled to Adelaide to participate in the Adelaide Climate Strike.

In the days before and after the protest, the following opinion circled social media and news feed; protesting is not effective, and a waste of time. However, what this opinion fails to address is that even if the Climate Protest was not effective in widening the eyes of our world’s politicians (although we hope it was), it represents the opportunity for the younger generation to avoid the mistakes of the previous generations before us; to start to think about how we can improve the world now, not later, when it is too late.

To us, this opportunity to express our opinions and own solutions to the world’s biggest problems is important, as it is possibly the only say that we have in our future at the moment, and until the day comes when we have the opportunity to be leaders and make these important decisions ourselves, we will continue to do this.