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Academic Assembly Years 7-12


On February, 13 our 7-12 College Community gathered to recognise our top academic achievers from 2018. The second annual gathering of its kind, at this assembly we acknowledged our SACE High Achievers; students who attained an ATAR above 90 (whose achievement was in the top 10% of all graduates). It was wonderful to welcome these young men and women back to the College and recognise their outstanding commitment and achievement. 

We also heard a special video address from Sarah Willis, our 2008 College Dux, who delivered an inspirational message on the various journeys that we can take from school to adult life.

It was wonderful to welcome back our 2018 College Dux, Wil Size, who was presented with the St Scholastica College Dux Shield and who gave a passionate speech about his time at St Francis de Sales, and the keys to which he attributes his success.

Finally, we recognised our Year Level Duces; students who attained the highest grade point average in their year level. This significant achievement is the result of sustained determination, hard work, and resilience.

Year 7:      Charlie Rollings

Year 8:      Lucas Rutter

Year 9:      Louis Amos

Year 10:    Thomas Dee

Year 11:    Mikayla Wilhelm

The Academic Assembly was a wonderful showcase of the students at our College, and has swiftly become one of our College Community's most anticipated traditions.