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Reception - Year 6

At St Francis de Sales College we ensure that the learning programs delivered across R-6, incorporate a range of differentiated activities, allowing for all types of learners to engage and display their knowledge.

We endeavour to teach our students about the world they live in, by strictly aligning our Learning and Accountability plans with the ACARA guidelines, and shaping them into relevant and insightful programs to teach our students.  

Our staff are committed to ensuring that all learning environments promote growth and foster development of the whole person, which is part of our holistic approach to education at St Francis de Sales College. As a community, our staff, students and parents work collaboratively to create a powerful and enriching place for children to discover themselves.

As an R-12 College, a large emphasis is placed on the growth of a student, throughout the duration of their learning journey, both academically and emotionally. Our school seeks to develop faith, respect and understanding through the teaching of our Catholic Identity and the development of our vision, to ‘Be who you are, and be that well’.


Year 7 - 12

At St Francis de Sales College we have a clear, whole-school plan for the delivery of the Australian Curriculum in Years 7 - 10 and the SACE Curriculum at Stage 1 and 2.

This involves the constant development of Learning and Accountability plans that explicitly state what will be taught and by extension, what our students will learn.

As a College we aim to achieve a strong alignment between our Learning and Accountability plans, classroom teaching and meaningful, regular assessment, which will both inform of student progress and aid in the learning process.

We strive to build students' knowledge and skills by empowering them as learners and instilling in them a love of learning, that will stand them in good stead, not only as they journey through high school, but as they enter the wider community as College graduates.

We place a high value on building an understanding of the bigger picture and endeavour to achieve this by teaching our students the attributes of problem solving, teamwork and critical analysis. We aim to make the curriculum accessible and relevant to all students by informed differentiation and treating each of our pupils not just as a student, but as a whole person. 

Inclusive Education

At St Francis de Sales college we value and celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of every student. 

We are committed to providing a model of support that is student centred and encompasses the student with a holistic approach. We have an Inclusive Education team of staff that includes Educational Support Officers and an Inclusive Education Co-ordinator.

All students are appreciated for who they are and the contributions that they bring to the college community.

All students are challenged with learning opportunities that are appropriate to their skills, talents and needs.

For further information, please contact the Inclusive Education Co-ordinator by phone on (08) 8393 1000 or by email to

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Restorative Education

The College is committed to the implementation of personal responsibility with regard to behavioural issues through restorative justice. Restorative justice is a process that advocates that the people most effective at finding a solution are the people who are most directly affected by the problem.

Restorative processes create opportunities for those involved in a conflict to work together to understand, clarify and resolve the situation and work together towards repairing the harm caused.

As part of the College’s commitment to ‘the team around your child’, our Restorative Practices System is a conflict-resolution process that focuses on maintaining and developing positive relationships rather than assigning blame. It is essential that parents, staff and students work together to achieve success in this process.