Catholic Education South Australia

Year 3 to 6 Community

Our Vision: Be the person you want to be

Friendships are formed and cemented and new relationships of trust established. As a Catholic community we are committed to ensuring that respectful and meaningful relationships are at the centre of our interactions. Our restorative processes create opportunities for those involved in a conflict to work together to understand, clarify and resolve the situation and work together towards restoration. 

Through an abundance of opportunities within and outside the school, we are helping students to discover that they can positively influence their world and be catalysts for change. Understanding the power of influence is a lifelong gift that they can take with them on the journey ahead. We aim to create well rounded individuals who have opportunities for achievement, spiritual discovery, developing social confidence, fostering sporting prowess, gaining a love of the arts – building blocks for life.

By encouraging students to discover their own learning style, we place the keys to navigate in the hands of the students.  By constructing knowledge rather than absorbing it, students spark their desire to learn to find their passion and knowledge. Our philosophy encourages our students to learn effectively, engage through problem based curriculum, and to develop higher order thinking skills and moral decision making skills to shape their personal development.

Curriculum Year 3-6

At St Francis de Sales College we ensure that the learning programs delivered across Year 3-6, incorporate a range of differentiated activities, allowing for all types of learners to engage and display their knowledge.

We endeavour to teach our students about the world they live in, by strictly aligning our Learning and Accountability plans with the ACARA guidelines, and shaping them into relevant and insightful programs to teach our students.  

Our staff are committed to ensuring that all learning environments promote growth and foster development of the whole person, which is part of our holistic approach to education at St Francis de Sales College. As a community, our staff, students and parents work collaboratively to create a powerful and enriching place for children to discover themselves.

As an R-12 College, a large emphasis is placed on the growth of a student, throughout the duration of their learning journey, both academically and emotionally. Our school seeks to develop faith, respect and understanding through the teaching of our Catholic Identity and the development of our vision, to ‘Be who you are, and be that well’.

Key experiences on the Years 3-6 Journey

Reflection Days 

Pen Licence

Commencement of Interschool Sport

Year 3 iPad

Year 4-12 BYOD

Year 3 Sacrament of Reconciliation

Year 4 First Communion and Confirmation

Student Leadership Opportunities

Year 6 Aquatic Camp

Year 5 Mylor Camp

Years 3 and 5 NAPLAN

Meet some of the team

  • R-6 Director of Learning: Rowan Thomas
  • R-6 Literacy Coordinator: Alice Taylor
  • R-6 Numeracy Coordinator: Andy Gehling
  • 3-6 Leader: Alice Taylor
  • ESO Administration: Kate Thomas
  • R-12 Director of Students: Jo Matthews
  • Equity and Inclusive Education Leader: Jo Matthews
  • R-12 ATSI Key Teacher: Jo Matthews
  • Student Counsellor: Carol Jarell
  • Learning Area Specialist – Health and PE: Nadia Honner
  • Learning Area Specialist – Arts: Jennifer Robertson
  • Learning Area Specialist – Language: Rebecca Nottle
  • Learning Area Specialist – Technologies: Brandon Hill
  • SEQTA Key Teacher: Danielle McKinnon
  • APRIM: Oreste Farrugia
  • Deputy Principal - Community and Wellbeing: Paul Fairlie
  • Deputy Principal - Learning: Sonia Nelson
  • Principal: Gavin McGlaughlin
Rowan Thomas.JPG

Meet Rowan Thomas

The St Francis de Sales community has warmly welcomed me and I feel privileged to be teaching at a school with such vibrant children, supportive parents and highly accomplished staff. I relish the opportunity to form crucial and fostering relationships with students on a daily basis, as well as aiding their development and growth whilst they progress on their learning journey through our College.

Meet Rowan Thomas
Jo Matthews.JPG

Meet Jo Matthews

I have been teaching at St Francis de Sales College since 2008 and have been the Inclusive Education Co-ordinator since 2010. In 2017 I became the Director of Students R-12.

In this role I am very fortunate to be able to work with students on their learning journey from Reception right through to Year 12. I also have a teaching role in the Health and Physical Education faculty. I really enjoy being a part of the College community and working across all year levels with students and staff.

Meet Jo Matthews
Andy Gehling.JPG

Meet Andy Gehling

I have been teaching for 24 years in a variety of Catholic Schools around Adelaide. I have been teaching at SFdS since 2003 as both a classroom teacher and a Physical Education specialist.

PE is a real passion of mine. Teaching Physical Education from Reception upwards gives me the opportunity to promote the benefits of being physically active for all young students. 

Meet Andy Gehling
Kate Thomas(1).JPG

Meet Kate Thomas

Ihave been at St Francis for over 4 years and I love it! 

I started out doing Administration work and First Aid in the Junior School and I got to know many students in this time. It has been lovely to see them grow into some really awesome kids! 

I love my job and I work with some really fantastic people.

Meet Kate Thomas

Meet Carol Jarell

I have been working in education for over 20 years as both a teacher and Student Counsellor. I am passionate about Youth Empowerment, Wellbeing, Positive Psychology, Social Justice and Lifelong Learning.

I feel very fortunate to work in a Mindmatters / Kidsmatters school that actively supports young people and their families to overcome adversity or the challenges in their life while promoting well-being and positive mental health in our community.

Meet Carol Jarell