Catholic Education South Australia

Year 10 to 12 Community

Our Vision: Creating and Inspiring Futures

In preparation for life beyond the senior years at St Francis de Sales College students in Year 10-12 make deeper connections between their school-based learning, and the world around them.

In this process students develop a strong sense of self awareness and appreciation for the global community. They willingly take on new responsibilities and become role models for the younger students. Every student is valued for who they are and what they will bring to our College.

Students become independent and self-managing as they engage with various educational experiences in Stage 1 and 2 of SACE and Flexible Vocational Training Courses.  At this level students are encouraged to pursue areas of personal interests and with a view to making subject choices. They receive individual guidance from their teachers, specialist staff and career advisor.

Staff work to reinforce talents and strengthen student skills particularly in the areas of collaborative and individual problem-solving. Students cultivate strategies for making confident and considered decisions in all that they pursue.

Specialist programs including Retreats and Overseas Study Tours to Japan and the Western Front experiences provide students with opportunities to embrace the world around them and to expand their academic, social and cultural knowledge.

Curriculum Year 10-12

At St Francis de Sales College we have a clear, whole-school plan for the delivery of the SACE Curriculum at Stage 1 and 2.

This involves the constant development of Learning and Accountability plans that explicitly state what will be taught and by extension, what our students will learn.

As a College we aim to achieve a strong alignment between our Learning and Accountability plans, classroom teaching and meaningful, regular assessment, which will both inform of student progress and aid in the learning process.

We strive to build students' knowledge and skills by empowering them as learners and instilling in them a love of learning, that will stand them in good stead, not only as they journey through high school, but as they enter the wider community as College graduates.

We place a high value on building an understanding of the bigger picture and endeavour to achieve this by teaching our students the attributes of problem solving, teamwork and critical analysis. We aim to make the curriculum accessible and relevant to all students by informed differentiation and treating each of our pupils not just as a student, but as a whole person. 

Key experiences on the Years 10-12 Journey

Career Advice

Year 10-12 Interstate Arts Trip (optional)

Year 10-12 Japan and ANZAC Study Tours (optional)

Year 10 Wilderness Camp

Open Space Flexible Learning

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Retreats/Reflection Days

Year 12

As Year 12 signifies the completion of their educational journey we aim to empower our young people to confidently navigate and engage with the challenges of the year.

Students are carefully guided to realise their potential through goal setting, prioritisation, pacing and preparation. They gain an appreciation for their achievements and who they will become. By learning to leverage their strengths, they are praised for success.  

By the end of Year 12 our young people are ready to branch out beyond the College gates and continue to flourish as confident and competent active participants in our world.

Meet some of the team

  • 7-12 Director of Learning: Jacob Robson
  • Year 9-10 Leader: Mark Andrews
  • Year 11-12 Leader: Rosslyn Mattner
  • R-12 Director of Students: Jo Matthews
  • Equity and Inclusive Education Leader: Jo Matthews
  • Student Counsellor: Carol Jarell
  • Learning Area Specialist – English: Nicole Elding
  • Learning Area Specialist – Maths: Ann Fenton
  • Learning Area Specialist – Arts: Jennifer Robertson
  • Learning Area Specialist – Health and PE: Nadia Honner
  • Learning Area Specialist – Technologies: Branden Hill
  • Learning Area Specialist – Language: Rebecca Nottle
  • Learning Area Specialist – Science: Danielle McKinnon
  • Learning Area Specialist – HASS: Rossyln Mattner
  • SACE Key Teacher: Rossyln Mattner
  • R-12 ATSI Key Teacher: Jo Matthews
  • SEQTA Key Teacher: Danielle McKinnon
  • ESO Administration: Rose Ward
  • APRIM: Oreste Farrugia
  • Deputy Principal - Community and Wellbeing: Paul Fairlie
  • Deputy Principal - Learning: Sonia Nelson
  • Principal: Gavin McGlaughlin
Ros Mattner

Meet Rosslyn Mattner

I am privileged to be part of the St Francis de Sales College community and to experience new professional challenges in the role of Learning and Accountability Leader, which incorporates the coordination of the SACE. I believe that students are responsible for their learning and that our role is to empower them by sharing the love of learning through quality teaching and learning practices. I transitioned from a specialist Music teaching role to the area of History, Research Project and Religion Studies by pursuing further study, reading and research to develop new skills and learnings.   

Meet Rosslyn Mattner
Jo Matthews.JPG

Meet Jo Matthews

I have been teaching at St Francis de Sales College since 2008 and have been the Inclusive Education Co-ordinator since 2010.

In this role I am very fortunate to be able to work with students on their learning journey from Reception right through to Year 12. I also have a teaching role in the Health and Physical Education faculty. I really enjoy being a part of the College community and working across all year levels with students and staff.

Meet Jo Matthews

Meet Carol Jarell

I have been working in education for over 20 years as both a teacher and Student Counsellor. I have had the privilege of working at St Francis de Sales for 9 years and I am passionate about Youth Empowerment, Wellbeing, Positive Psychology, Social Justice and Lifelong Learning.

I feel very fortunate to work in a Mindmatters / Kidsmatters school that actively supports young people and their families to overcome adversity or the challenges in their life while promoting well-being and positive mental health in our community.

Meet Carol Jarell
Rose ward.JPG

Meet Rose Ward

I have been working in schools for the past 14 years; the first eight at Loxton Primary School working with classroom support and the library. 

I have worked at St Francis for the past six years and have moved from the front office to the 10-12 Community Office environment. I love the interaction with the students and assisting them with their needs or requirements.  The simple things like hearing about their weekends, knowing if their football or netball team won and of course if they barrack for the Crows! We have a great team in this community and I endeavor to assist staff, parents and students to the best of my ability.

Meet Rose Ward