Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

St Francis de Sales College endeavours to assist each student develop their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual potential. As an Early Learning to Year 12 community we nurture the social, spiritual and emotional development of our students to promote wellbeing and assist them in developing the skills to continue to care for and respect themselves and others.

We are well aware of the need to equip students with capabilities that will enable them to develop lifelong resilience and understand how to use their strengths of character.

In partnership with families and the broader educational community we develop relationships and educational vision, pedagogy and learning experiences that are focused on the wellbeing of every student to ensure the best possible outcomes, a love of learning and a deep engagement with faith and life, now and into the future.

Like any other Catholic school our College is often challenged to ensure that, in partnership with parents, the wellbeing of every student is foremost in the College’s commitment to ongoing improvement.

The College is committed to a whole school approach to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. Wellbeing frameworks focuses on entire school communities, not just individual students with identified needs. It aims to enhance the development of school environments where young people feel safe, valued, engaged and useful.

Within these wellbeing frameworks the science of Positive Psychology is used to nurture wellbeing and help our students and families to flourish.

The PERMA+ model, Character Strengths, culture of gratitude are embedded across the College within our curriculum, Pastoral Care Program, Counselling Services, Wellbeing activities and Parent Engagement.     

It requires that all stakeholders: parents, students, staff and the community work together to create a protective environment that promotes mental health and wellbeing.

Inclusive Education

At St Francis de Sales College we value and celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of every student. 

We are committed to providing a model of support that is student centred and encompasses the student with a holistic approach. We have an Inclusive Education team of staff that includes Educational Support Officers and an Inclusive Education Coordinator.

All students are appreciated for who they are and the contributions that they bring to the college community.

All students are challenged with learning opportunities that are appropriate to their skills, talents and needs.

For further information, please contact the Inclusive Education Coordinator by phone on (08) 8393 1000 or by email