Student Safety

R-6 Restorative Justice

The College is committed to the implementation of personal responsibility with regard to behavioural issues through restorative justice. Restorative justice is a process that advocates that the people most effective at finding a solution are the people who are most directly affected by the problem.

Restorative processes create opportunities for those involved in a conflict to work together to understand, clarify and resolve the situation and work together towards repairing the harm caused.


R-12 Student Counsellor

A confidential counselling service is provided to all of our students by our qualified counsellor.


Proactive approach to bullying and cyber safety

We recognise the importance of understanding cyber safety.

As the internet is an integral part of everyday life through communication, study, resource development, research and learning new skills and knowledge, it is essential that the risks involved in this technology are understood and monitored on many different levels.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to discuss the role the internet and cyber safety plays in everyday work and education and at all times remember that self-respect and personal responsibility are qualities that are valued.

We expect that students and families discuss the use of the internet at home and the College policies. We encourage students to make sure that they keep themselves and others safe online by:

  • not giving out personal details about themselves to people who they do not know (including organisations)
  • having secure privacy measures in place on social networking sites
  • only posting suitable information online
  • being aware that once information is shared, it is very difficult to retrieve
  • not sharing passwords
  • not opening messages or responding to messages from people who they do not know
  • not using online games or virtual worlds that are suitable for over 18 years only
  • not accessing inappropriate or illegal material.


More information
eSafety is a government agency solely committed to keeping citizens safer online. They provide online safety information and guidance through their website that is available to all members of our community. The eSafety website is a valuable resource and students have the opportunity to explore the resources provided on the site.