Middle Years 7-9

Our vision: Responsible, engaged, motivated learners

Years 7-9 students are at a significant and diverse growth stage on the journey to flourishing. It is a time of self–discovery and acceptance, along with new challenges and responsibilities.

Each student becomes part of a close-knit Homeroom group, where they study integrated topics across different disciplines.

We provide opportunities for personal spiritual development, through our robust Retreat and Camp programs. It is a time to embrace diversity, to learn to share together.There are times of silence and times of celebration with an understanding that through each, the body, mind, soul and spirit are invigorated and recreated. Students understand the importance of service to others and are able to accept responsibility for their own actions and choices following Jesus’ example as taught through Gospel values. This spirit of service is supported by our strong student well-being network.

Our school encourages young minds to ask deep and searching questions to which there are often no easy answers, to see that accepting ourselves is the foundation on which thriving young men and women grow.

Spirituality and well-being are central to what our students experience at school. Our approach is evidence based and student centred to ensure we are creating an interactive learning environment which will allow students to learn to think,  understand and co-construct new ideas and concepts relevant to our rapidly changing world. We encourage critical thinking enabling students to view knowledge as essentially problematic and recognise that their decisions make a difference to the well-being of themselves and others, their classroom environment and ultimately their society. With a highly integrated curriculum our students consistently achieve their best.

The College is committed to incorporating digital teaching to enhance student learning. The immediate access that a student has to personal information, work requirements and data access through a ‘personal learning’ tool enables them to connect with learning anywhere and anytime.

Student-led assemblies and curriculum celebrations depict the ownership and responsibility that the student body has embraced in preparing themselves holistically and in building ‘tool kits’ for success in the senior years.

They are on their way to becoming the best they can be made in the Image of God.

Curriculum Years 7-9

At St Francis de Sales College we have a clear, whole-school plan for the delivery of the Australian Curriculum in Years 7-9.

This involves the constant development of Learning and Accountability plans that explicitly state what will be taught and by extension, what our students will learn.

As a College we aim to achieve a strong alignment between our Learning and Accountability plans, classroom teaching and meaningful, regular assessment, which will both inform of student progress and aid in the learning process.

We strive to build students' knowledge and skills by empowering them as learners and instilling in them a love of learning, that will stand them in good stead, not only as they journey through high school, but as they enter the wider community as College graduates.

We place a high value on building an understanding of the bigger picture and endeavour to achieve this by teaching our students the attributes of problem solving, teamwork and critical analysis. We aim to make the curriculum accessible and relevant to all students by informed differentiation and treating each of our pupils not just as a student, but as a whole person.

Year 8-9 Specialist Sports Program

Our Basketball Academy has been established to assist talented student athletes in Years 8 and 9 to achieve at the highest levels of performance in Basketball and to help develop their educational, emotional and social wellbeing. The program also provides structures and processes to support students accessing a range of post College options.

To apply please download, complete and submit the relevant application form:

Key experiences on the Years 7-9 Journey

Reflection Days

Year 7 Canberra Trip

Year 8 Camp

Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN

Meet some of the team

  • 7-12 Director of Learning: Kerin Tinnion
  • Year 7-8 Leader: Jen Ness-Ferry
  • Year 9-10 Leader: Mark Andrews
  • SACE Key Teacher: Rosslyn Mattner
  • ESO Administration: Bianca Evans
  • R-12 Director of Students: Dale Hoffman
  • Equity and Inclusive Director: Melissa Symonds
  • Student Counsellor: Alisha Fleming
  • Social Worker: Tahlie Jones
  • Learning Area Specialist – Arts: Karen Boswell
  • Learning Area Specialist – English: Nicole Elding
  • Learning Area Specialist – HASS: Jen Ness-Ferry
  • Learning Area Specialist – Health and PE: Nadia Honner
  • Learning Area Specialist – Language: Leticia Andrusiak
  • Learning Area Specialist – Maths: Amy Ashley
  • Learning Area Specialist – Science: Zonya Grear
  • Learning Area Specialist – Technologies: Branden Hill
  • APRIM: Oreste Farrugia
  • Deputy Principal - Community and Wellbeing: James Gill
  • Deputy Principal - Learning: Paul Wadsworth
  • Principal: Andrew Baker
Jen Ness Ferry.JPG

Meet Jen Ness-Ferry

My connection with the College began over 10 years ago when my children commenced their learning at the College. Two years later I began teaching at SFdSC as a classroom teacher. In 2019 my role changed into a position that is very close to my heart, that of the 7-8 Leader in Wellbeing and Learning. I cherish the opportunity to work closely with the students in relation to their well-being and their social/emotional growth and development. This is an area of great passion for me. Each day I continue to be inspired by the staff and students at the College and feel proud to be a part of this wonderful community of learners.

Meet Jen Ness-Ferry
Mark Andrews.JPG

Meet Mark Andrews

I am passionate about family, travel, music and helping the next generation to grow and succeed. I like how Physics and Mathematics can help senior students better understand how and why their universe works the way it does.

I work with my fellow teachers and leaders to ensure that we support our students to achieve their learning goals in the most effective way possible.

Meet Mark Andrews