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eSafety is an Australian Government initiative designed to keep children and families safe online. The eSafety site is an online resource that provides children, teenagers and Parents instant access to help information on cybersafety issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (Click on the cybersafety help button)

St Francis de Sales College promotes positive cyber behaviour by encouraging the following:

Promote personal responsibility

• Use of age appropriate content filtering
• Placement of computers/notebooks in public spaces in the home
• Open discussion of safe online behaviour

Establish positive relationships

• Awareness of appropriate responses when using instant messaging, texting and blogging
• Contact the Homeroom teacher/ Head of School/ Deputy Principal if something is discovered that is inappropriate
• As adults, we have a duty of care to keep our children safe
• Maintain open communication

Online behaviour should be respectful of self and others.

If you would like further information about cybersafety, please download our online safety document below (containing links to more online resources) or visit one of these websites:
Bullying. No Way
Stay Smart Online
Cyber-Safety Guidelines
Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum