Children's University

Children's University at St Francis de Sales

Children’s University Australia has come to St Francis de Sales College and our students in Years 2-8 can be involved.

Children’s University provides children with a wonderful opportunity to learn outside their day to day school work, whether that be before school, lunchtime, after school, in the school holidays.

The best part about Children’s University Australia is that it is voluntary, so kids get to choose what activities they would like to do, where, when, and how. We provide some activities at the College but there are SO many options listed on the Children's University portal that include online activities.

In partnership with The University of Adelaide, we aim to raise aspirations and develop a love of learning by issuing students involved in Children’s University with a ‘Passport to Learning’ which records their individual learning journey.

At the end of the year students who reach the minimum of 30 hours will ‘Graduate’ in cap and gown ceremony at the University of Adelaide. Students are enrolled in Children’s University when they receive their Passport to Learning. Children’s University is not compulsory.

There are two types of Learning Destinations that can potentially be ‘validated’ activities. The first are ‘restricted’ activities available for the school site you attend and therefore not open to the public. The second are places and organisations to which children can travel with their passport of learning, after school, on weekends and during the school holidays.

For more information please contact Alice Taylor, R-6 Director of Learning at

Have a look at the Children’s University website at and their Facebook page at to check out some free and discounted activities students can take part in.