Bring Your Own Device

Register your child's device

To access the College Internet facilities and ICT devices and equipment, and to connect their own approved device to the College network, students and parents must complete and submit the College BYOD registration form.


Please refer to the below document WiFi MACHINE ADDRESS CODE (MAC) ADDRESS to assist with completion of the registration form, NB. Mandatory fields are shown with an * asterisks next to them.


Refer to website link for how to get the Machine Address Code address on an iPad.

How to find your MAC Address Windows 10

Further information

See the attachments provided below for further information regarding the College ICT and BYOD. A copy of the CESA ICT Acceptable Use Guidelines can be found on our Policies and Procedures page.

We provide students with the opportunity to bring their own laptop, tablet or iPad to use on the College computer network.

This is an opportunity for students to engage with their studies on a device that suits their learning best. The immediate access that a student has to personal information, work requirements and other relevant data, through a ‘Personal Learning Tool’, enables them to connect with learning anywhere and anytime.

Refer to our Cybersafety page for information regarding safety online.

Suggested Suppliers for Student BYOD

Our BYOD purchasing portals are ready to take orders. Please use the following links to gain access:

Learning with Technologies

Learning with Technologies BYOD Portal


Edunet BYOD Portal

Access code: SFDSC2023

Harvey Norman

Device Recommendations

Visit in store or order online at

We have an arrangement with the Mount Barker Store next to the College for special pricing on BYOD devices.