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Bus Services

St Francis de Sales College is located in the heart of Mount Barker right next to the Homemaker Centre and the Mount Barker District Council on Dutton Road.

The College is serviced by coach services throughout the Adelaide Hills.

Students who use the Lofty Coaches bus service are required to complete a consent form at the beginning of each school year or prior to using the service.

Tickets can be purchased at the College Reception, or by returning the completed bus ticket purchase form by email. Bus tickets are currently subsidised heavily by the College and Catholic Education to assist with the continuation of the services. Prompt payment before ticket issue is required, to assist our subsidy of all bus routes. Parent/caregiver consent must be completed for tickets to be issued to students wishing to travel on the bus services offered by the College.

Subsequent passes can be purchased via credit card over the phone or by email to allow students to access new tickets as needed.

If a bus ticket has been lost please notify the College as soon as possible and a new one will be re-issued immediately.

All Lofty Coaches buses that service St Francis de Sales College are air conditioned and have seat belts fitted.

Please allow a possible +/- 5 minutes to AM/PM bus times.

Routes are subject to change. All changes will be notified via the College Newsletter and on Lofty Coaches web site. 


If a Catastrophic (Code Red) rating has been declared in the Mount Lofty Ranges, school buses will not operate on that day as the College will be closed.

Please check news bulletins and SMS Messages.


Bus Fees

The College Board has approved the fees for 2019 for the contracted Lofty Coaches Bus Service. In setting fees the Board is aware that bus fees represent an additional cost for parents / caregivers and has attempted to keep them as low as possible. In doing this the College will absorb approximately 70% of the cost of operating these services. Costs are calculated by seat capacity.

The Lofty Coaches Bus Service will be issued with a list of students on each run and will be checking names and the frequency the service is used by the student.

High School Interchange

Lofty Coaches provide an interchange bus to travel from St Francis de Sales College to Mount Barker High School. Tickets for this service can be purchased at the St Francis de Sales College Reception.

DECS allows any student who lives 5km or more from their local public school to travel free of charge. They will allow St Francis de Sales College students to utilise these buses provided they are not displacing DECS students attending Mount Barker High School and Mount Barker Primary School.

Students wishing to travel on a DECS bus can apply by completing a consent form for Mount Barker High School. Each child travelling on DECS buses will then be issued with an ID bus card from Mount Barker High School and/or Mount Barker Primary School. All students wishing to use this service are required to apply and complete a consent form each year. The DECS Schools may not let a student travel on the bus without a consent form. The consent form can either be collected from St Francis de Sales College Reception or by contacting Mount Barker High School or Mount Barker Primary School directly.

Should you wish to discuss the timetables of the DECS bus services, please contact Mount Barker High School, Mount Barker Primary School or Lofty Coaches. Exact pickup points will be established once the term commences and needs are assessed.

Bus service: Lofty Coaches Bus Service

If you wish to discuss the College bus operated by Lofty Coaches Bus Service, contact either the College Reception on (08) 8393 1000 or Lofty Coaches directly on (08) 8391 5272 or visit the Lofty Coaches website. Refer to the Lofty Coaches website for more information on bus routes.

Bus service: Southlink Bus Service

The St Francis de Sales College bus runs are:

  • Route 855 Strathalbyn
  • Route 853 Hutchinson Street to St Francis de Sales College

Please refer to the Southlink Bus Service website for more information on bus routes.

The DECS BUS Information Line can also help. You can reach them on (08) 8391 1599 (Mount Barker High School).

Buying bus tickets

Please use the form below.