Student Absences

  1. A telephone call from a parent/guardian on the morning of the absence should be made to the College Absentee Line 8393 1001 by 9:30am or complete and submit the below Absentee Form.
  2. If the student’s absence is known in advance, the College should be contacted via the College Absentee Line 8393 1001 or complete and submit the below Absentee Form.
  3. Medical, dental, etc appointments, where possible, should be made outside of school hours.
  4. Be sure to check the website or SEQTA Engage for new notices that have been released during your child’s absence.

Absentee Form

Fields marked with an asterisks (*) are required.

Please note: if a student is away from school for more than three days you must complete and submit an Exemption Form that can be found on the Student Exemption page.

* Required Fields