Student Leadership

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Reception - Year 6

We place the child at the centre of all learning at St Francis de Sales College.

We acknowledge the voice of all students and have developed a structure that supports them. Our leaders do not just arrive, they develop over time. We have created a structure that enables students to develop their leadership skills. In this structure, the following positions have been created:

  • R-6 Captains (male and female in Year 6)
  • House Captains (Year 6, Year 3 and Year 2)
  • Student Representative Council (SRC) (one member per class)
  • Student Led Learning Conferences (with parents and teachers).
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Years 7 -12

We are proud of our student leaders who follow a rigorous selection process to determine a fair and competitive field, enabling students to develop and share their leadership qualities with their peers and the community.

Personal responsibility is also seen as being integral to our leadership; students are expected to show respect and tolerance whilst being aware of their place in our community. To be an effective student shows the capacity to understand how they are perceived and we work with students to support them in being the best they can be.

Leadership roles in Year 7-12 

The College Captains – male and female – are the leaders of the College. They have the opportunity to enhance their leadership capacity through Catholic Student Leadership workshops and to represent their College at many engagements during the year, including meeting the Governor at Government House. Each Captain works in different capacities in the College and uphold our strong heart values.

The Captains are supported by the Prefects who support in areas of Faith and Service, Community, Culture, Sport and Academia. Each Prefect plays a significant role in supporting the student body and the Captains and lead by example. They form different committees to support student endeavours and mentor students to engage them in different activities. The Prefects also work in leading the assemblies, interactive activities and Liturgies,together with the College Captains to provide different opportunities for our student body to engage in the spirit of our community.

The House Captains have the opportunity to lead their houses: Geneva, Lyon, Padua and Savoy in different activities, from Sports Day, Splash Carnivals and House Spirit activities so that all students can be involved in different areas of interest.

Vinnies Faith in Action leaders have the opportunity to work in the areas of service and social justice projects.