Board Luminaries Grant

St Francis de Sales College Board will accept written applications from students seeking financial support for activities where they are excelling in a chosen field, and in doing so are an inspiration to others.

The College Board believes that each student at St Francis de Sales College has within them the ability to be the very best version of themselves, and through this inspire others through their pursuit of excellence in their chosen field.

The Luminaries Grant is a College Board program which aims to support students and their families with the costs associated with activities that are a reflection of that pursuit of excellence.

The criteria for the Luminary Grant is that students must:                                                    

  • Be pursuing an interest out of school and excelling in that pursuit.
  • Be leading and inspiring others.
  • Being recognised for talents, skills and abilities at an elite level.
  • Be meeting their financial commitment to the College.

Examples of potentially successful applications could come from pursuits in Sports, Leadership, Community Service or Academia. Applicants are required to write a letter to the Board, providing evidence of the activity for which they are seeking support and how it meets the criteria, which will be tabled at the monthly board meeting for consideration.

Financial support of successful applicants to the Luminary Grant program may be awarded by Board in the amounts of $250 or $500, to a maximum of $500 per annum.