College Board

The Board of St Francis de Sales College operates in accordance with the guidelines established by the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools.

The Board's functions are to ensure that the school fulfils its responsibility for Christian Education, to give leadership through broad policy development, and to administer finances.

Membership of the College Board consists of the Parish Priest, the Principal, six elected parents, representatives of the Parishes of Mount Barker/Strathalbyn, Murray Bridge and Adelaide Hills (Stirling),a member of the Parent Community Group, a nominee of the Director of Catholic Education, a staff member and any appointed members as deemed necessary.

The College Board welcomes your suggestions and ideas to support our College vision to ‘Be who you are and be that well’. Reports of Board meetings are summarised in the Link Up. Board elections are held at the AGM each year.

College Board Members

Rev Father Richard Morris - President of the College Board

Mr David Kyriacou - Chair of the College Board 

Mr Nick Crowe - Deputy Chair of the College Board

Mr Gavin McGlaughlin - Executive Officer and Principal

Mr Rowan Thomas - Staff Representative

Mr Ray Jackson - Board Member (Finance Committee)

Mrs Rosie Lillas - Board Member 

Mr Rob Plenderleith - Board Member

Ms Megan Woodward - Board Member

Mr Anthony Werts - Board Member

Mrs Melissa England - Board Member

Mrs Kate Clarke - Board Member

Mr Paul McCabe - Board Member (Business Manager)

Mrs Sonia Nelson - Board Member (Deputy Principal)

Ms Lisa Andrew - Secretariat 



How to contact the Board

All correspondence for the College Board should be addressed to the Chair of the College Board and submitted to the PA to the Principal who will add it to the Correspondence section of the agenda for review at the next Board meeting and forward it on to the Chair of the College Board.

You can contact the PA to the Principal on (08) 8393 1035 or via email

Alternatively, you can pass any correspondence onto the College Reception or post to:

Attention: Chair of the College Board
St Francis de Sales College
PO Box 1793
Mount Barker SA 5251