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Year 12 Retreat


The Year 12 retreat was an incredible time of bonding for every Year 12 students. The retreat allowed us to share our struggles and achievements with our cohort and build a stronger a connection to each other. The three emotional days at Victor Harbour are a memory none of us will forget. 

Patience Castleton

The Year 12 retreat was something I believe every single student will remember for years to come. Friendships were renewed, made stronger and created. I will say on the behalf of every single Year 12 I have spoken to, that the retreat is a memory we will all hold dear to our hearts, we didn’t know each other like we do know, I personally feel we are like one big family and we all support each other so much more now that was have this connection. Highlight of the year.

Cailin Alexander 

The Year 12 Retreat was a time that made everyone feel included, new support from the group was found and everyone made each other feel welcome. 

Brodie King