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Seed to Store


St Francis students jump on the ‘Grain Train!

Do you know what your food contains and where it comes from?  Cos’ we do!  On Monday 16th May, Cosi from South Aussie with Cosi as well as Sarah from Ag Communications and Emma the Agronomist came to visit our Year 6/7 students. The speakers informed us about all of the different processes of how grains go from seed to store.  A main focus of the talk was the grain farming industry, what we export, grow and farm in the Australian industry.  The students got to play a game of “Guess the Grain”, where we observed different grains under a microscope and match the food to the grains. It was very interesting to hear about all the different type of jobs involved in the Seed to Store process, such as; Agronomists, Food Scientists, Farmers and Sensory Scientists. Most importantly Cosi informed us that there is a Seed to Store competition where first place has $1000 up for grabs!  Students can enter a You Tube clip into the competition demonstrating the process of Seed to Store.  For more details on the competition see the Adelaide Show website