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BYOD 2017


St Francis de Sales College is committed to incorporating digital teaching to enhance student learning. The aim is to develop students to be multi-literate for the real world and their future.

Digital learning is a significant part of student learning in the Senior School, and is incorporated into all facets of the curriculum.

The College provides students in Years 6 to 12 with the opportunity to bring their own laptop, tablet or iPad to use on the College computer network.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with their studies at a deeper, more consistent level on a device that suits their learning best. The immediate access that a student has to personal information, work requirements and other relevant data, through a ‘Personal Learning Tool’, enables them to connect with learning anywhere and anytime.

The St Francis de Sales College BYOD purchasing portals are up and ready to take orders, Please use the following links to gain access.


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Learning with Technologies BYOD portal:


URL: https://www.orderportal.com.au/orderForm/orderform?orderformid=355&eid=63378%20


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Harvey Norman:


URL: http://www.harveynormanbusiness.com.au/sfscbyod.html

​Use school code: sfscbyod


Harvey Norman’s MAC1:


URL: https://portal.mac1.com.au/stfrancisdesalescollege/

Please download the documents below for more information about taking advantage of this opportunity.

iPad Program

The Year 2 to 6 classes are looking forward to an exciting year in 2017 with the students having the opportunity to make use of their iPads at school. 

This will open up a 21st Century approach their learning that:

1. provides access to the information resources of the internet
2. is motivating and fun
3. individualises learning
4. builds digital literacy skills
5. encourages lifelong learning beyond the confines of the classroom.

Many students already have their own iPads and they will be encouraged to bring these to school during Week 2 of the first term.  Some students do not yet have an iPad but they will be learning about how to use them along with the rest of the class. As parents, you are able to “buy-in” at any time when you feel that you, or your child, are ready. For some families, this may give them the chance to shop around for the best deal.

For those of you who may be looking to purchase an iPad, we recommend the iPad Air with 16Gb and Wi-Fi. Older iPad 2 models are also suitable. It is possible for the children to use an iPad Mini but the smaller screen makes it harder for the children to use at school.

Transporting the iPads to and from school
Students are encouraged to take their iPad home each night but parents may not feel confident for their child to do this at first.  If you feel that your child is not yet ready to carry the iPad safely, please have a talk to their classroom teacher about an appropriate space where the iPads can be stored securely and charged in the classroom.

The iPads will not be taken out of the classroom during recess and lunch times.

Installing core applications
You will be asked to install a group of apps from the App Store which will be the core applications that we will be using regularly in the classroom for different subjects and different learning activities. Many of these are free but some of them need to be purchased. The total cost of these initial apps will not exceed $40.  We will also be asking for extra free apps to be installed over time to meet the needs of particular learning activities or topics.  During the year we may ask you to purchase additional paid-for apps. This will only occur at the beginning of a new term and would never be more than $10 each time.

Installing other apps
The apps that can be installed on the iPad are not limited to those that are on the school app list and you and your child may wish to include other apps that are for education or just for fun. It would be expected, however, that these are not used at school. An exception could be made for educational apps which may be used to support the learning in the classroom and your child could speak to his or her classroom teacher about this.

Internet safety and appropriate use
As part of the iPad program, the students will be learning about the responsible and safe use of digital technologies and a set of protocols and expectations will be put in place to support this. We strongly recommend that you, as parents, restrict your child’s access to the Apple ID password. This allows you to control which apps are installed on the iPad and to restrict access to instant messaging and photo sharing.

ICT agreement

To access the College Internet facilities and ICT devices and equipment, or to connect their own approved device to the College network, students and parents must sign the ICT agreement and return to the Homeroom teacher. Please download the ICT Booklet before signing the agreement form.