Second-Hand Uniforms

Second-Hand uniforms that have been provided prior to this date (August 2019) for sale, are to be included in a register of uniforms kept on a web-based platform that can be accessed by all St Francis de Sales families.

To register on-line for the purpose of sale or purchase of second-hand uniforms please access the following link:

Parents will be able to advertise the items they have for sale, provide a photograph of the item(s) of clothing and place a price on the item for sale.

For parents wishing to purchase second-hand uniforms, the web-site identifies the College/School and then takes you to a full list of all available items and the contact details of families wishing to sell those items.

For those families who have previously provided uniforms to our volunteers for sale, we can advise that all items of current uniform styles will be recorded on-site at the Old School Trading web page, and will be managed as a separate entity by St Francis de Sales College staff, until such time as all items are sold. Proceeds of these sales will be returned to you as agreed and on the sale of the item involved. These items will be itemized in full by Wednesday 21 August 2019.

Should you have any concerns, or problems accessing the site, please feel free to contact the College directly at or by contacting the College Reception at 83931000.