The College Fee Policy requests that all families commence a regular fee payment within a fortnight of a student commencing at the College.  Continuing families will need to have commenced a repayment program by the end of February each year.


The College charges all fees to families once per year in February. These charges include all of your child's fees for the entire year. This allows for you to budget your payments between February and November with no unknowns.

Bus tickets for travel on College Hills buses are available for purchase from College Reception. VET courses and the consumables involved will be charged to families via the provider. Stationery for Year 7-12 can be purchased via an online service annually in November and delivered to the family's homes in January ready for the new school year. The Devon Uniform Shop is onsite at 2 Hampden Road, Mount Barker and opening hours will suit all families.

The College's preferred payment is a direct debit directly from the families' bank account to the College bank account. The College may vary the direct debit agreement to cover outstanding fees by giving you fourteen (14) days notice. Payments are also accepted at College Reception and Bpay facilities are available.  The College does not accept American Express cards.


By making either a full payment of fees in March to take advantage of discounts available to early payers, or by equal monthly payments that clear the account by November each year, which must have commenced by February or within two weeks of student's first day at the College.


As children progress through the sub schools at the College their fees do increase.  Families are expected to increase their repayment amounts each February when they receive their annual account.  It is advised to keep your payments going all year as this provides a buffer as your children progress. Parents should be aware of distinctive trips in both Year 7 (Canberra – Remembrance Day) and Year 10 (Bull Creek experience- commencing in Year 10 2019) that attract higher costs due to duration and airfares.



School Card is a support payment low income families receive annually.  It must be applied for at the commencement of each school year. You will still be charged full fees but the College will apply any approved discount once confirmation is received from DECD.  This can sometimes take six months. More information can be found at the School Card website.


Although we receive funding from both the State and Federal Governments, the Catholic sector needs to fund their own capital expenses.  This means we maintain and build our own school sites.  Our College relies on each family making their payments in full and on time to maintain the buildings and resources our children use.  The compulsory Capital Levy paid by families meets our loan repayments annually.  The voluntary Building Fund donation, which can be claimed as a tax deduction is used in the loan and grant application process to qualify for new projects.  By your prompt payment of these fees you help place the College in the best financial position for maintaining a modern and contemporary learning space.

Your commitment to full payment of fees is anticipated by the College when you accept your place at enrolment.  If your financial situation changes, you need to advise the College as soon as you do not meet your promised repayments.  Our Catholic mission is to support families through difficult times.  When no contact is made with the College it will be assumed that you do have the ability to pay and this will place you outside of the Fee Policy.  The College does use the services of a collection agency to recover debts not paid. The College charges an administration fee of $50 in July annually to those accounts that are not meeting their required payments.

The College does not produce manual split accounts for families; it is an expectation that parents will negotiate payment of full school fees outside of the College.  Both enrolling parents are responsible for full payment of fees.

A sister school discount is provided to families commencing at the College. Families from St Catherine’s at Stirling and St Joseph’s at Murray Bridge with a sibling currently enrolled at either of these schools will receive a reduction of $180 per family account annually upon application. Early Payment Discount of $200 if full payment is made (full fee paying families, not those discounted by school card) by end of March each year.

Graduating Year 12 students will also gain initial membership to the St Francis de Sales Alumni Association.

Fees are available on the College website and you will need to check the year level rate for your child/ren.  Discounts only apply to the Tuition fee portion of your fees.  Every student must pay all of their Resource fees, Camps and Retreat costs.  Every family must also pay the Capital Levy.  This covers all of the everyday running costs of the College.


All students must give one full term of notice in writing when they withdraw.  The College commits significant funds and planning in advance for every student’s place at the College and costs need to be covered.  Fees will be charged on a pro-rata basis of attendance. The outstanding fees will be due 14 days from date of withdrawal.


The College asks all families to make a donation to the Building Fund.  Families are asked to nominate their preferred building project via the Building Fund Nomination form available on the website. Families will be acknowledged on an honor wall once current projects are completed. Any donations made to the fund are tax deductible and the College provides annual letters for tax purposes in July.