College Leadership Team

Sound Leadership is executed through the Principal, The Executive Team and the College Board.

Executive Team

  • Principal, Gavin McGlaughlin
  • Sonia Nelson, Deputy Principal, Learning
  • Paul Fairlie,  Deputy Principal, Community and Wellbeing 
  • Paul McCabe, Business Manager
  • Oreste Farrugia, Assistant Principal - Religious Identity and Mission
Gavin McGlaughlin.jpg

Gavin McGlaughlin, Principal

I am delighted to work in this community and to work with you in our shared commitment to provide outstanding learning opportunities to our community members.

These opportunities provide the scope for students to be the best they can be, whatever may be their own level of personal excellence.  As educators and parents, we should expect no less, but can ask no more of our young people than that they are making the very most of their God given gifts.

Gavin McGlaughlin, Principal
Sonia Nelson.jpg

Sonia Nelson, Deputy Principal

The St Francis de Sales community is diverse, vibrant and collaborative. 

I feel privileged in supporting students, staff and families to be their very best selves at our College.

As Deputy Principal, I am committed to working with our community to achieve the best educational outcomes for the students in this beautiful Catholic environment in the heart of the hills.


Sonia Nelson, Deputy Principal
paul fairlie6.jpg

Paul Fairlie, Deputy Principal Community and Wellbeing

Paul Fairlie

Student wellbeing and academic achievement are inextricably linked and it is an honour and a privilege to be able to work with the students and families of the St Francis de Sales Community in supporting the young people of the College to learn and flourish. Our patron saint was a man of great faith, exceptional knowledge and his legacy is an inspiration for all at the College to aspire to be the best that we can be.

Paul Fairlie, Deputy Principal Community and Wellbeing
Paul McCabe.JPG

Paul McCabe, Business Manager

I have been greatly impressed with the direction of the College Executive, and excited about the commitment to the future being illustrated every day within the College Community. That commitment is expressed by a school-wide focus on a consistency of purpose that acclaims our Catholic Faith, highlights the College’s Heart Values and provides a sophisticated learning environment. 

My role is to ensure the College continues to provide financial outcomes that support the provision of a productive learning environment.

I look forward to working with the College Executive and Board as well as student families to ensure a successful, long-term and sustainable future for St Francis de Sales College.

Paul McCabe, Business Manager
Oreste Farrugia.jpg

Oreste Farrugia, APRIM

Continuing to develop the Catholic Identity of the St Francis de Sales community is integral to my role as APRIM. I am blessed to be part of a team that values positive relationships, high standards of learning, and a deep commitment to their Catholic faith.

I am passionate about providing opportunities for students, their families, and staff to live life to the full, by knowing who they are , caring for others and the natural world, and seeking relationship with God.

Oreste Farrugia, APRIM