College Captains

Scarlett Clapton-Caputo: College Captain 2019

My focus for leadership in 2019 is based around the sense of community within our College. I plan to strengthen this with the help or my peers and fellow students. I believe that until we have a stronger sense of community we cannot be successful and cohesive in our endeavours. From that point the College’s strength can only reach higher levels which we need particularly with the new developments happening in our College in the coming years.

Marshall Howe: College Captain 2019

My goal for the year is to lead the school in a better direction with the assistance of school leaders and students.  I wish to make 2019 a successful year for the College and be able to represent the school in a caring and compassionate manner. As a leader I describe myself, as driven and focused on what goals can be accomplished in an effective manner. I'm easy going and happy to assist anyone who needs my help.